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(Intro) Wtf (2 times) I said wtf (Verse) What the fuck do you even know me, you don't even seem to understand Seriously I'm hostile on the right side of the isle fighting to protect my rights I never relax cause I'm...
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(Intro) Lord has mercy, come follow me, come follow because (Chorus) Said I'm mad I'm very angry and I'm pissed I'm very dirty And I'm mad I'm very angry and I'm pissed I'm very dirty (Verse) Does anyone, does anyone...
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[HanSol] da dalkenne, I siseone [B-Joo] What are you doing? What are you doing? [HanSol] (Hey) nae Rap eoddae, nae Style eoddae [B-Joo] What are you doing? What are you doing? [SangDo] Can't wait Mallo hae mallo...
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[SangDo] Yeah (Do you know me?) (Girl) Whoa-oh Yeah [SangDo] Tomorrow is Saturday gidarideon jumarinde Chaeksang wi sajin song neon utgo inneunde Girl Eodiseo mwol halgeonji nugureul mannal geonji Jaggu gung-geumhae...
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(Intro) Yeah I here you but Im just saying though you didnt have to do me that yo. Yeah I know all that but you didnt have to do me like that Its fine, Im a big boy I can handle it. No problem, Ay, Ay (Verse) Did me...
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[YANO] Yeah! annyeong? ([Kidoh] ToppDogg!) uri molla? [Jenissi] T.O.Double-P-P D.O.Double-G-G ToppDogg-ui pung-ageul ullyeora! (Eh hey hey) [YANO] ehera jota (Eh hey hey) [YANO] jihwaja jota (Eh hey hey) [YANO] ehera...
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Yeah~! CUZ I'm ToppDogg ToppKlass ToppDogg I do what I do best Yeonghoneul damanaegi jeone Keopdegiman namabeorin binmallo sogin kkol Neomu gabyeoun geu mare baesingam neukkilgeol Hey (Yeonghoneul deoreophil geol)...
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(Intro) 2012 It's time to take this trash out Obama him and his tyranny Let's show him that we're not gonna take it anymore Send him a strong message and have him lose by a major landslide Ya heard (Chorus) I am a...
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Kurupt: Yeah Nobody pour out the eggnog and Hennessey Hahaha (Merry Christmas) Daz: (I wish I had love) This goes out to all my homeboys out there locked down (I wish I had love) I said I was remembering (I wish I...
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(Intro) Now this one going out to all the Virgin Island woman them who break meh heart To all the woman from Maine, and from New York, and from Hartford, CT watch meh now (Verse) Use to have a gal by the name of...
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Yeah you all know what it is Deureobwasseo? deureobwannyago Let's go kidoh Woo this might be the last But ain't gonna be the least Yeah topp doggy dog Bow wow eapy yo Jamsi kkamppak hamyeon dwichyeojineunde museun mari...
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(Intro) As I stand here besides myself I wonder why I'm sitting here besides myself First it was Kellee and now it's Michelle At least I'm here on the earth oh well I feel a lot of pain inside, but I have my dignity and...
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Surprise amazing 13boys We hangin' out new concept t.O. Double p and d.O. Double g never seen before Han chawon dareun genius lets go furioso and now vivace Urideureul malhaneun geon perfect han yeojamaneul wihan...
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Ah yeah Did you get some feel Yeah feel it yeah feel it Wouuuu wouye u Tay1 Tay1 noega neul gateun geol hago Byeoldareul geo eopsgo meonghage usgo Tay2 Tay2 songarak kkattakman hago Binteumdo eopsi taeyeobeun dolgo
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(Intro) Damn, Why yall talk about assertive yo? Yall didn't know me, said yall niggas didn't know me (Verse) Assertive what must I do to be hired in the field I went to school to be a computer tech, everywhere I go they...
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(Intro) Yeah, It be R,E,H,D,O double G And I just want yall to know That this one is coming from the heart & soul So yall just understand me ya heard? Yo (Verse) Deep inside I hurt it makes me sad that when I open up...
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T o double p d o double g Hell ya go go go Yeah girl you the one that Matches funky little bass Hell ya topp dogg in the building It's TD boys hell yeah it's TD boys Ay girl you make me thirsty Neoneun magic nuneul...
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(Intro) Now I had to write this song about yo because I don't know how else to tell you Because every time I see you it's like I get tongue tied and I can't open meh eyes And I just get crazy and I can't express the way...
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[Hansol] Da dalhgetne, I siseone [B-Joo] What are you doing? What are you doing? [Hansol] (Hey) Naeraeb eottae, nae Style eottae [B-Joo] What are you doing? What are you doing? [Sangdo] Cant wait [All] Mallo hae mallo...
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[B-Joo] ddaseuhan bomnare Bichineun moseube Meonghani hollin chae geudael barabwasseo [Nakta] nunchireul mot chaen deut Nae apeul jinago Dwi-eseo nolliryeo mollae ddaragasseo [HoJoon] jamggan dong-anui meomchumeseo...
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