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[Man:] Aah my nigga mon, Ah shit, dawg, my nigger done just got out. [TQ:] Yeah, I'm about this biatch. [Man:] Aah check it out man, We about to be on a mission me and you. [TQ:] Mm mmm. [Man:] Which you wanna do? We...
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[Man:] Damn. Be Careful [TQ:] I'm gon' be up in this motherfucker forever dawg. [Man:] For real man. [TQ:] Hey wish I had some weed. [Man:] Tsh, I wish I had some ass. [TQ:] Naw. [Both:] I wish we had some weed...
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Have you heard the one about alfred a dangerous robot i'm told he's got lasers for eyes and a microchip brain and his skin is terribly cold (We've heard the one about alfred! its strange! amazing! untrue!) but now that...
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Whoah-Whoah-Whoah-Whoah [x4] You know it's always on my mind The best is always hard to find OWhoahOhOohOohOhOohOhOohOh You know it's always on my mind I only like my favorite kind OWhoahOhOohOohOhOohOhOohOh I just...
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Complicated But always on my mind. Why I've been down here For sometime. My angst and frustration When will it all end? But I'm down here ALIVE. INJURED. INJURED. INJURED. Leave me hanging Strums up by a threat...
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[Guru] Turn it up.. [DJ Premier scratches] "Pack ya whole crew" "I bring it to ya live" "One hundred percent" "I bring it to ya live" "Pack ya whole crew" "I bring it to ya live" [Verse One: Guru] Yo, excuse you for...
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She had a real cute face and Despite her lack of taste I thought it was time to say hello Yes we have met before In September last fall Around a camp fire and yes I think I like her Chorus: So I played myself...
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In the garden of hollow minds In the cradle of shit On the land of the hypocrite In the nest of the sick [Pre-chorus:] Breathing life, taking space Spreading their rotten seed Increasing their number in front of our...
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So high, so high Uh, look Its 6 am, Im pouring up this shit is in my veins Everybody is asleep Im next to Shiev with no shame Im sayin, I push the limits so sayin unchained A f*cking any more they couldnt contain I...
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Waitin" til my dyin' day That's when I pack these tired blues away That's when I go to lay down in my grave That'll be my flyin' day Wondering what i'm workin' for Ain't gonna be your lowdown dog no more Ain't gonna...
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In the deepest of seas There is room for me Black water rise On the darkest of nights Black weed for me Exhale to be free So get stoned and be A black hole in the deepest of seas In the blackest of weeds There is...
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waitin' 'til my dyin' day that's when I pack these tired blues away that's when I go to lay down in my grave that'll be my dyin' day wonderin' what I'm workin' for ain't gonna be your lowdown dog no more ain't gonna...
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"Weed Song" (feat. Prince Rasu & Capo) [Bizzy Bone] You know we gotta have a weed song! ooh well they always got a weed song, luv it when my families high/ i know a few of you got issues 'cause evils been out...
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* set to the beat and words of BDP's "Beef" from the LP +Edutainment+ [Mr. Eon] Weed, weed, what a relief Where will my eighth a day habit cease? This an agricultural service announcement You can treat it, and you...
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I fucked this girl in Talahassee, Doggie style so i named her Lassie. Came on her, florida state clothes, filled up all her semen holes. fucked this girl from purdue, came in her hair, fucked up her doo. She was...
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Roz kehte kehte papa toh thak gaye Par main badla toh nahi Mujhe roz datna adat unki bann gayi Par main sudhara toh nahi (Ganja ka latt sudharne deta nahi Papa kehte main unke jesa nahi) -2 Papa ko kaise samjahau, main...
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[Inhale, exhale repeated throughout intro] [Intro: B-Real] You know, there are times when, you run out of weed There's no one you can call But at last there is one person you can call - Weed Man [B-Real] I've had...
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I just wanna smoke weed and buy shoes And do it fly guys do I just wanna smoke weed and buy shoes And do it fly guys do Stacks on there, there we straight, wake up everything Get that cake Stacks on there, there we...
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(Intro) Light it! Light it!... Light it! Light it!... Light it! Light it!... Light it! Light it!... Put it in the air Light it! Light it up in here Light it! Put it in the air Light it! Light it up in here Light...
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[Intro: Game] DJ Skee, The Game "California Republic" mixtape [Kid Red] Where the weed at? Where the weed at? They lie, Kid Red, where the weed at? Lil' mama I'm a chiefer, smokin on the reefer I know you say you...
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