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We were both young when I first saw you I close my eyes And the flashback starts You're standing there On a balcony in summer air See the lights See the party, the ball gowns You see me make my way through the...
текст добавлен: 21/12/2010, размер: 2047 bytes
I have been thinkin' about you for a long time now, You stuck in my brain, You are so special to me, Your the pan to my pancakes and I'm the mixture, Your the ice to my ice cream, Your the choco to my choco pops, Your...
текст добавлен: 29/09/2014, размер: 480 bytes
Que estas abierta en el trigo; Amapolita, amapola te quieres casar conmigo? Te dare toda mi alma, Tendras agua y tendras pan. Te dare toda mi alma, Toda mi alma de galan. Tendras una casa pobre, Yo te querre...
текст добавлен: 21/12/2010, размер: 772 bytes
Bienvenue dans mon monde sans frontiere Ou l'horizon se perd dans l'immensite du ciel Illumine par un soleil eternel Sur mon trone au sommet de la montagne J'ai une vue impeccable sur mon bout de monde J'adore...
текст добавлен: 21/12/2010, размер: 678 bytes
Subject: Song parody: thesis (Lord knows where this comes from! but it's fun) [ tune of "I've been working on the Railroad" ] (tune: I've been working on the railroad) I've been working on my thesis 19 hours a day...
текст добавлен: 20/06/2001, размер: 909 bytes
This old man He played 1 He played knick knack on my thumb with a knick knack patty wack give a dog a bone this old man came rolling home! This old man He played 2 He played knick knack on my shoe with a...
текст добавлен: 21/12/2010, размер: 4991 bytes
Write in C ~~~~~~~~~~ When I find my code in tons of trouble, Friends and colleagues come to me, Speaking words of wisdom: "Write in C." As the deadline fast approaches, And bugs are all that I can see, Somewhere,...
текст добавлен: 20/06/2001, размер: 936 bytes