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Тексты песен «Apostasy»


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Drink from my tempting chalice and you shall awake Darkest hatred fills your soul Rigid father, haunted one Withering goddess truth am I Dark desires fill the emptiness Cleansing your infected flesh Wear the armor, a...
текст добавлен: 21/12/2010, размер: 1512 bytes
A seed of evil growing Within my tortured soul Becoming disillusioned Raised with a saving cross A blurry sight Intoxicated flesh The past is haunting me Unvarnished nature Emotional depths unite Starring eyes...
текст добавлен: 21/12/2010, размер: 1032 bytes
Release the blindfold before my eyes I've witnessed the cosmic aeon carnage Passengers on the awakening course Confessing their sulfur stinking existence Masses for the tempted beast Embracing black shepherds with...
текст добавлен: 21/12/2010, размер: 1009 bytes
Voices in my head Telling me my god is dead This burning hate, the urge to kill When steel meets flesh the blood will spill Caged within these walls Lost among these mazelike halls I must break out, I have to flee I'm...
текст добавлен: 21/12/2010, размер: 979 bytes
Fear is spreading like a plague The Salvatore is dead and faith with him The flame of evil burning bright As white turns black and day becomes night Seduced by the words insanity speaks Prayers unanswered but following...
текст добавлен: 21/12/2010, размер: 1543 bytes
Vessels of wrath overflow A smile of pity for human nature Defenseless mass psychosis Thorns of perfidy for your own martyrs crown An architect of butterfly wings Needs no storm to fall Defenseless mass psychosis...
текст добавлен: 21/12/2010, размер: 933 bytes
Enslaved by the summoning souls Angels falling from the crimson sky Raped by the unholy prince of eternal night Global perfection burned by Satan So it has been written with fire in the sky Unholy presence shall strike...
текст добавлен: 21/12/2010, размер: 1045 bytes
Cursing the light and the flame burning bright I descend to eternal darkness Tearing apart what once was my heart Entrapped in this hellish domain Disguised in white with golden wings An angel only by name Summoned...
текст добавлен: 21/12/2010, размер: 1168 bytes