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Тексты песен «Atoms For Peace»


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A penny for your thoughts my love A swinging door A penny for your thoughts They try to jump me A penny for you thoughts my love Theyre spaghetti They possess me Im trying to be a thought killer...
текст добавлен: 23/02/2013, размер: 847 bytes
Look out of the window What is passing you by. If you really want this bad enough. Youre young and good looking The keys to the kingdom. Sooner or later And before your very eyes Old soul on young...
текст добавлен: 22/02/2013, размер: 495 bytes
It slipped my mind And for a time I felt completely free Oh what a troubled Silent, poor boy A pawn into a queen I laugh now But later's not so easy I've gotta stop The will is strong But the flesh is weak Guess...
текст добавлен: 28/02/2013, размер: 984 bytes
It slipped Out Of my hands Went deep down Wandering Stumbling I dont wanna start Dont want to start When I got your heart I got your heart It slipped down Out Of my hands And flipped Out Went wandering...
текст добавлен: 27/02/2013, размер: 313 bytes
You know like the back of your hand Who let em in You got me into this mess so You get me out. You know like the back of your hand Your bell jar. Your collection. Ingenue. You get me into this mess. Fools rushing in,...
текст добавлен: 22/02/2013, размер: 918 bytes
Im reverse running. It doesnt mean anything. Hurling headlong. Why would you even ask? Ive forgotten who I am. Snakes uncoiling. Pressed up to the glass. All the things that you shouldnt ask. But you see through me. It...
текст добавлен: 27/02/2013, размер: 1042 bytes
Our stuck together pieces The joke is I dont need this You can hardly tell the difference Well I know but I dont care Grown up together pieces Our stuck together pieces A loada near misses Aw shucks you got me You can...
текст добавлен: 27/02/2013, размер: 1008 bytes
Careless I couldn't care less Such a mess I know it's useless I couldn't care less Careless I couldn't care less While my heart keeps returning I am lost, I am weightless With my arms by my side I am hope, I can break...
текст добавлен: 22/02/2013, размер: 581 bytes