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When will the changes occur? When you see a cloud moving from the east, You say rain is coming, and so it happens. When the desert wind blows, you say it Will be hot, and so it is. If you can read The signs in...
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Fire! It's a holocaust coming from the East, A great angry bird, spreading it's word, And we're gonna be it's feast, The sky will be red and the ground will shake, The day of Judgement has come, Armageddon...
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(Remake: originally performed by Blitzkrieg) Let us have peace, let us have life, Let us escape the cruel night. Let us have time, let the sun shine, Let us beware the deadly sign. The day is coming, Armageddon's...
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We're hitting hard, The music's flowing through me, Don't stop now, we got so far to go, Let's see you move, Your soul is floating so free, We can make it now, so let the dices roll, [Chorus:] If we don't...
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Heavy clouds hide the sun, Crying people on the run, Feel the heat, feel the pain, Through the smoke and pouring rain, Flames lick high, scorch the sky, Time has come, it is done, People near, feeling fear,...
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The night is out and the lights fade, And I'm alone in the street, Running round in a daze, Don't know where I'm going, There's nothing left to live for, This life is killing me, My mind is gone, I can't...
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The man in the Shroud, spoke to the crowd, And His name was hallowed... Believer! But now He is gone, no one to right our wrongs, And He ain't coming back... Deceiver! Open your eyes, look up to the skies, But...
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Viking, now the time is ripe for conquest, Viking, now it's time for you to leave, Take your Longship way across the water, Just one more drink before you do. Viking, now it's time to sail to new lands,...
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