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Not a cloud showed out in the sky That very night in Pitch Black City I was so damned scared, it was dark It was so dim, it was a shame Just then a man walked up to me and said, "Didn't I see you here before?" The...
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[CHORUS] Give me back all my love I've had a change of heart Give me back all my love I've had a change of heart I have opened up my eyes Now I can see clearly You told there's no other guy Who would be as good...
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Flower's bloomin?, mornin? dew And the beauty seems to say It's a pleasure when you treasure All that's new and true and gay Easy livin? and we're givin? What we know we're dreamin? of We are one havin? fun Walkin? in...
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Hold tight [CHORUS] Hold tight if you wanna Make this feeling stay Hold tight Hold tight, don't let This moment fade away Hold tight, now it's here It's gonna stay Everybody gets The chance some day All at...
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If you touch me with your smile I'll get you to paradise I can make it worth your while I'll get you to paradise, oh Houses made of ecstasy Around the rooms So picturesque together (Picturesque together now)...
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Hit the town in the cold of the night Looking round for the Warmth of the light There was fog all around So I guess no one saw me arriving I was tired and awake for some time Then my lights hit a welcoming sign...
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This is for the very best in you This is for the very best in you Something very special So sweet, so refined And you're such a lovely lady, yeah And I'm so glad that Your heart is really mine I get excited...
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