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Hi Scars will heal soon The dregs in us spent the earth down Better than drowning in a burlap sack I live. As Alice. I die. Children shouldn't play with dead things Foaming crows Tear at their wings Sad eyes cry...
текст добавлен: 08/09/2015, размер: 475 bytes
Cross my heart and look into the sea Cross my arms and turn to me Turn to me instead of telling the truth And now, now I can honor you Since you've left, all we're talking about Is different problems While I'm dragging...
текст добавлен: 09/05/2014, размер: 1069 bytes
I, insectica Fly through dimensia You give me more than meets the eye You give me more than I can't deny A thousand eyes through your soul A thousand eyes over me Your power eclipses me As I take my place beneath thee...
текст добавлен: 06/11/2015, размер: 714 bytes
Silhouettes caress without feeling Who'll be your mercenary Let the trespassers stay Decorate starving strays You can not convert me Reparations unseen Silhouettes caress without feeling Who'll be your mercenary They...
текст добавлен: 01/03/2013, размер: 363 bytes
Feel her tight between my thighs from across the football field It's victory that I smell inside and the smell contains no guilt H.E.R.P.E.S. I can smell them through her dress H.E.R.P.E.S. My daddy's wrong, mother...
текст добавлен: 24/06/2014, размер: 635 bytes
Place the ash on their foreheads An impression to embed Born-Again before teething Collect tears from their weeping Oh hiding them under the seafoam Package them like a cheap gift You're nesting under the corridor...
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