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Took him away when I was four Indian wrestling partner Played cops behind the moving trucks Ran around, around And as they drove away Went back inside to play Took my toys Scattered them around, around (Like...
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I'll sleep by the phone If you call me up I'll drive you home I don't just disappear I need to be where you are I see it now when you're working a crowd And you keep me around 'Cause I help you stand out But you're...
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Gave up trying, you've been seen lying around Hoping someone would tell you where to go You swing your partner, God's your partner now And you just dipped him on the floor If you see me going by Then you've seen...
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Never lit a fire in your eyes That's what he said to me It should really come as no surprise I bruise that easily Can't stand living So we wait for another day I'll pull through I know you can't stand me But we're...
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Am I the only one who's never had fun In the twelve years we've gone steady? Put down the parasol, that isn't you at all When the whole thing crumbles I won't be there I'm going on a big vacation 'Cause I deserve some...
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Now the streets are cold tonight Cops are looking for another fight Fairfax is a dirty town I spend six years after moving around Maybe I gave you a scare Outside the coffee shop with all your friends there I can't be...
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