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Barco abandonado Na voz do tempo, na margem do rio Nesta lonjura Na voz dos temporais Anoitece um canto sambrio Nas pedras deste cais Ha um adeus no meu alhar Este meu barco prisioneiro Ha-de ser viageiro No meio...
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"I knew I loved you" - The Lyrics! I knew I loved you Before I knew you The hands of time Would lead me to you An evening star Was from afar It guided me here It knew you'd be here Now wrapped in moonlight At last...
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Return of Ringo (from the film Return of Ringo) Music by Ennio Morricone Sung by Maurizio Graf I kiss at last the beloved ground of my land, That I left one day with my hard heart full of pain. I have looked in...
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Somewhere there is a land where men do not kill each other. Somewhere there is a land where men call a man a brother. Somewhere you will find a place where men live without fear. Somewhere, if you keep on running,...
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Bugles are calling from prairie to shore, "Sign up" and "Fall In" and march off to war. Blue grass and cotton, burnt and forgotten All hope seems gone so soldier march on to die. Bugles are calling from prairie to...
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I will bring the sun through darkened clouds And I will live with you rainbows for your eyes Rainbows for your eyes Now, my love, we are one We are one We are one, cried my love Let me lead you where the moonlit waters...
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