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Name ALL RIGHT NOW Interpret Free Jahr 1970 Schreib„r Rodgers/Fraser There she stood in the street SMiling from her head to her feet, I said ''Hey, what is this?'' Now baby, maybe she's in need of a kiss. I said 'Hey,...
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FRASER/RODGERS All I need is a friend Some one to give a helpin' hand When I'm afraid in the night Someone to squeeze me And tell me it's alright You know I worry such a lot And I would give all I've got Just to do...
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FRASER/RODGERS Bodie came from the hills To see the world Looking for different thrills He found a girl Showed him the city sights Opened his eyes wide No he finds Bodie had changed his mind Changed his mind Came...
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Right from the sky we are born crazy Right from the sky we are born to be wild Right from the sky we are born crazy Right from the sky we are born to be alive Day by day same of story Same of life starts to get boring...
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Right from the sky we are born crazy Right from the sky we are born to be wild Right from the sky we are born crazy Right from the sky we are born to be alive Day by day same of story Same of life starts to get boring...
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FRASER/RODGERS Broad daylight Broad daylight Broad daylight. See the smoke fills my room Curl and whisper in the gloom Then I long for the day When the sun comes out to say Broad daylight Broad daylight Broad...
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FRASER/RODGERS/KOSSOFF/KIRKE Catch a train to my place Call me when you get into town I'm gonna meet you at the station, oh yeah You can tell me why you're feeling down Is it you mother, though she tends to shout a bit...
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FRASER/RODGERS/KOSSOFF/KIRKE Child you're talking of freedom Painted on your garden wall It's not there at all Child you're talking of wisdom You say wisdom is a golden rule You ain't no fool But you don't know who it...
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(Rodgers) It makes me sad to think of you Because I understand the things you do There is no one else can take your place In my life alone I hide my face Come together in the morning I can understand your mind Come...
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(Bundrick) I was on my way to a needle factory Up and coming prospects was a waiting there for me I was selling my wares three bucks a share Three bucks a share Three bucks a share I was walking down, down a rocky road...
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Swing your partner dosy-doe Move to the rhythm of the DJ flow Go round and around until your feet get hot Do it to the groove show me what you got In my mind, what you go about fine In the mean time it's all the way...
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FRASER/RODGERS You say you needed someone But you just needed somewhere to stay Oh any other time Any other time I'd have told you to be right on your way You say you needed a friend But you just needed sympathy Oh any...
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PAUL RODGERS Oh...yes.. Some say love is Some say what is love Some say is love Really all around Some say life is Some say what is life Some say is life Really all around me But I say easy Easy on my soul
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Every single day, I got a heartache comin' my way I don't wanna say goodbye Baby but look at the tears in my eye I don't wanna say goodbye Mama but look at the way you made me cry Every way that's nice You show you've...
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FRASER/RODGERS Morning comes And the evening follows Life without you Knows no tomorrow You leave me weary And you leave me tired But you fill my soul With strange desire But I love you babe Yes I love all of...
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FRASER/RODGERS Help me to repair Things I have done wrong Help me to find a way To get where I belong All you can say When you're feeling this way Is that somebody needs you And wants you to stay And all you can do
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help me to repay the things i have done wrong help me find a way to get where i belong all you can say when you're feelin' this way is that somebody needs you and wants you to stay and all you can do when your...
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ODEN Yes I've had my fun If I don't get well no more Yes I've had my fun, baby If I don't get well no more You see I have this pain in me An I'm goin down slow Won't somebody write my mother Tell her the shape I'm in...
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FRASER/RODGERS/KOSSOFF/KIRKE Goodbye I hope we meet again Goodbye Is this how it's got to end But we've come to the end of our road together Made a stand that's gonna last forever Brother tell me what you're gonna do...
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Sleep now my little baby Safe inside your mama You have no name But soon you will And soon the sun will shine Guardian of the Universe Son of son Shine a light of peace and love On this little one On this little one...
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