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Тексты песен «Gorgon City»


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Give me what I want And I'll give you what you need Don't play with my emotions baby I'm another breed Don't wanna lose this feeling so don't burn it out I wanna keep on living in the moment now I'm pulling you tight...
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(Verse) You are the man cause you wasted me Ain't got no time cause you're chasing dreams And you're all alone cause you ain't gotta step You'll never know cause you know I'll be there (Pre-Chorus) Your heart is mine,...
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(Verse) Im ready for the start of something new Im ready to depart from what make me blue Im ready for my heart to let you through But most of all most of all (Verse) Im ready for the rain to pour down on me Im ready...
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When I'm looking in your eyes I'm not sure if you're still with me What is it this on your mind When gone, are you sure that you miss me Cause it's been a long time coming We travelled down a long road to begin It...
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