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Morning, afternoon and night We lay together side by side Searchin' for lust, searchin' for breath Searchin' for the touch of life No words are spoken, the only sound we hear is Body talk, body talk The heat of...
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Changes - I know you think you've got me where you want me Tied up in the chains you know I can't shake free. Caught up in the trap you call affection. Now I've seen it all just take your hands off me - changes...
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We're startin' up now we're on our way Leaving all our yesterdays behind Something special that we wanna say Happiness is just a state of mind Flashback To the days when the nights were young Flashback When we could do...
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I sing this song for you, please listen, it's the only way I can speak to you, Let your feelings stay so hidden, now you telling me: we're thru I don't believe what I hear, I just can't work it out. I gave you all I...
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In a cold hard world when you're out on your own Oh there's a cruel harsh word you'll get to know. No one understands what it's like in misery All the great demands your love has made on me In the heat in the heat of...
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Searching for a destiny that's mine There's another place another time Touching many hearts along the way, yeah Hoping that I'll never have to say It's just an illusion, illusion, illusion Follow your emotions anywhere...
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Music and lights - music and lights. Forget your sorrow let it all fade away. Forget tomorrow let's start living for today. Let me take you through a night of ecstasy I like to hear the sound of a mystic melody. In the...
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Everywhere I go I just see faces touched by the crying winter wind. All kinda trouble only traces circles of life we're moving in. Here am I lost in a world without a chance. Your prisoner - just snap your fingers and...
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Every good things on the back But meeting you..ha...ha I feel fulfill of my life time And I personally like to Thank you My Love Remember the day We firstly met on each other You can my way I watch home and kiss you...
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