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You know, it's like, ah, you know, it's just a, it's just a, it's just a different thing, you know, it's just, uh, it, because, you know, it's like, you know, there's no real way you can put your finger on what that is,...
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Threw the dust pan out now I swept it under the rug I got an hour or maybe a minute I gotta get up, get up in it Well, it's all I can do It's all I can do Left the dishes in the sink For the past two weeks Played my...
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Ahhhh! I used to be cool Like Cabalone Now I'm not so cool Now startin to sweat ah I used to be cool Now I feel like fresh now Now I'm not so cool Well I'm a tension head Another tension Another tension...
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(cocaine rodeo, cocaine) I need a drink to burn my throat I need a girl to hang my coat Wash my clothes and bring the food I need a girl with no attitude Wake me up and get me high Wake me up and get me high (cocaine)...
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The day I die The day I die They're gonna throw me a party The day I die Tell the good news to everybody Come on and join me Yeah, spit on me Come on and laugh And fuck with me The day I die The...
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Well, someone liked my girl and I, I don't mean Nose picking soapbox some which just stand I'll chafe red from scratching from the fleas The couch that came to call me as she steps on me Something about her that would...
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Here I sit alone Ride through the Motor City Crying inside I'm dying inside I can remember you Like a photo, like a star It moves like I wanna be like you I remember you I'm covered in black But I remember you
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Grab your girl, lift her up Shake your ass and fill my cup All the way down, all over the place A new way to fall on your face Do the headright baby Lift a leg, twist out of you She'll follow your lead And get up to...
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i'm hanging around that same old scene My girlfriend betsy she's just fourteen There's nothing better for me to do I'm living on dog food Dog food is so good for you It makes you strong and clever too Dog food is a...
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Once I was alive But not anymore The Drano in my blood is eating my brain I think my head's falling off Fuck yeah, I'm free I'm free This bottle cleans my guts Light blinds my eyes The shadows chase my mind It...
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Four corners of a dream Ain't exactly what it seems Transparent, hands of time God damn, you know I robbed myself blind Stole what was mine It's all mine Give it back I left it behind I don't mind Can't believe...
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The girl's like Christ The girl is like Christ The girl is like Christ to me Girl, girl The girl is like Christ Girl, girl The girl is like Christ to me Girl, girl Girl's like Christ Girl I worship the...
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Here we come We're coming to get ya Here we come Oh right How dare you contradict me Why you contradicting me? Don't think that I'm losing friction I move inaudibly Here we come We're coming to get ya Here...
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I want you to die Why, oh why Cause I don't care, I don't care I don't care, no matter, why I'd kill you but you'd do it for me I know you are the one who's after me Woah, kill Don't ask me, don't tell me and pretend...
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Mmmhmm, it's hot There's a party in your mouth And yeah, I'm gonna come Lift your skirt up Spread your legs and unload my gun I unload my gun Cause we were young In jr. high love, we were young In jr. high love, we...
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I'm gonna give it to you baby Like you want I know it'll seduce you and move you Give me everything that you got You've been such a high, such a low And I'm in between Come up and see me if you know what I mean I'm...
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Everybody's gone, everybody's gone Me, you Thank god everybody's gone But me and you Me, you God's in love God's in love with me and you You and me I got a good time In my pocket In my mind For me, you For me...
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This is fucking war You want it? Yeah Call me back right now Meth, I hear you callin' I won't come home You want a fight? You called me Don't call me Don't you call me Don't you call me You want to...
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Well oh yeah! It's not a lover's hairlip baby There's a need for the evening late shifts Miss Mary It's on I tell her to stay, you will suck him dry And all this two new reasons why Miss Mary It's on...
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Paper thin shell Lost in her face Skip a beat on me I skip out on you Open up and bleed for me Cut the ties and lines that breathe Open up and bleed for me Cut the ties and lines Open eyes can't see You mean...
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