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Jean Louis Dominic Pierre Bouchon True to the breed that bore him Answered the call that held in thrall His father's heart before him Jean Louis Dominic sailed away Further than love could find him Yet in the night he...
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Senorita Nina, from Argentina, knew all the answers Though her relatives and friends were perfect dancers She swore she'd never dance a step until she died She said, "I've seen too many movies, and all they prove is...
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A lady known as Paris, Romantic and Charming Has left her old companions and faded from view Lonely men with lonely eyes are seeking her in vain Her streets are where they were, but there's no sign of her She has left...
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Lord Elderly, Lord Borrowmere, Lord Sickert and Lord Camp. With every virtue, every grace, Ah, what avails the sceptred race. Here you see the four of us, And there are so many more of us- Eldest sons That must...
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