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Sa kimi we nonaka no ibara no hana ka (sa yui yui) Kurete kaereba yarehoni hiki tomeru (mata Hari no chindara kanushama yo) Sa ureshi hazukashi ukina o tatete (sa Yui Yui) nushi wa shirayuri yarehoni mama naranu (mata...
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I see the lines in the palm of its hand now I listen hard but no words spring to mind And it sounds so sweet, listen to its heartbeat And I'm drowning in its sea Falling at its feet Listen to my heartbeat baby And the...
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Slow-motion repeat of breaking glass Fear Creeping up from behind A slide into corruption A train of thought stops all along the way From start to goal Easy to understand Thatness, thereness A grid of time in view Deep...
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You do me anyone with eyes can see I do you Everybody knows it's true. Day to day that's the way our game is played. Night to night that's the way to love you right...
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