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Here the lights fall just as hard A bit softer in the stall It's not really wrong It's not really right I'm wide awake She's upfront upshot Upstart up in every case The kind of girl that whispers Thank god for you Oh...
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Sensitive It's true Alligator tears Cried over you Over you, over you Over you, over you Run around on me Sooner die without Run around on me Die without Relentless Yes, it's true My motor mouth
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Creep up and tell me that you You love me more each time you Look into my eyes, I feel like I know you don't mean to be mean I'm sure you know the same for me When you creep up and tell me Darling It breaks my heart...
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If you're taken I am yours I'm up and doing circles I'm taken, I am yours I'm up and doing circles I'm taken, I am yours I'm up and doing circles I'm taken, I am yours I'm up and doing circles I collapse, I might stay...
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Would you take a Straight and narrow Critical look at me? Would you tell me Tough love style Put judicial weight on me If you're thinking anything If you're thinking endlessly If you're thinking anything If...
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Build a wall of books Between us in our bed Repeat, repeat the words That I know we both have said Relax into the need We get so comfortable Remember when I was So strange and likable I just want back in your head
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Build a wall of books between us in our bed Repeat, repeat the words I know we both said Relax into the need we get so comfortable Remember when I was so strange and likeable I just want back in your head I just want...
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woke up with beauty in my bed and isn't it sad how we don't know it's beauty until it's dead and it's beauty that I knew so well but she wasn't doin too well well I just wanna go someplace where no one knows my name and...
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She said she'd live her life more wisely And so I let her wake up beside me He says he'd give up almost anything If I let him live his life next to me I'm not hungry, babya'a I am starving And I'll not forget about me...
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Tell me that you know Another way to get it done It's for me or how I would be But it's a different situation A different situation You lay awake in the night Just staring at the ceiling above Pulling pieces of it out...
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Okay you found me out Beyond without a doubt Your lie is safe with me A friend I'm sure you are And on this day so far Fallen hundred seas Hello! Its where I've been so goodbye Goodbye goodbye goodbye hello! Its you and...
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I won't regret saying this This thing That I'm saying Is it better than Keeping my mouth shut That goes without saying Call, break it off Call, break my own heart Maybe I would have been Something you'd be good at Maybe...
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that stream the angels like at first you're a threat and promising no between the houses and the stop signs your eyes your future like it all I don't wanna know I don't wanna know well if I ever get home I'm gonna tell...
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I cried so hard that you pushed me Further away I screamed so loud you called the Police on me I got so city girl on you I get so sad that Sad gets to be So scared that all my feelings They up and leave me I got so city...
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They aren't desperate for love and affection They're desperate for you And as they sit out there all sly and sure Does anyone feel as they do I'm quite sure we'll find one another In a place better than this A time...
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You've got your lights turned so they can see you The very best of what you've got to offer Tell them what your hands were made for Tell them who your mouth was made for You've got your profits and your mathematicians...
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We were so high we thought we'd definitely die Cause we were dead already, dying Endless nights took on my whole life Or so I thought It turns out all your friends They were just mean, dressed up So, come on kids eat...
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I get up in the evening And I ain't got nothing to say I come home in the morning I go to bed feeling the same way I ain't nothing but tired Man, I'm just tired and bored with myself Hey there baby I could use just a...
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Dark, you can't come soon enough for me Saved, from one more day of misery Everything I love Get back for me now Everyone I love I need you now Don't forget a million miles for me Safe and another day passed by me...
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it must be something in the way you move it must be something in the way you look I'm not sure just yet must be something in the way you dream you just go home and the thirteen days inbetween you and I this is me...
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