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Far from the eternal horizons Far from the gates of sleep Guarded by unspeakable demons (Where) I lived endless lives (Where) I beheld the pale moon of sorrow (Where) my agony ran away like a howl out of my mouth...
текст добавлен: 13/01/2011, размер: 1822 bytes
I call (summon) you the unborn The lord of the night The ruler of the abyss. I call (summon) you through The silence of the viper The crying of the dead The pain of an injured cat!!! Through the mystic passage In the...
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I Can See Peace In Your Eyes, I Can See Will In Your Eyes, For A Last Act of Life I Can See Sacrifice In Your Look (Of A Soul Once I Livd Pierced Times). Recollections, Frea, Wait, Values, Ideals And Thoughts For...
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Solstice winds at twilight Moaning prophetic fear A rising tide bears terror Birthrise of the graven image Fetid the night air The stillbirth was not... In the graveyard faith Hell-born cloven hoof made flesh I have...
текст добавлен: 21/01/2002, размер: 959 bytes
God of darkness Lord of death Ruler of shadows Hear us Nuada you have come To a world without pain And without pleasure Return now and pain not Pleasure awaits you Once entire, you're less From the loss of an arm And a...
текст добавлен: 21/01/2002, размер: 1111 bytes
Mind that shadow That might follow you Look at her fiery eyes Listen to her whispering Whispers of madness!! An infernal creature A miasma an impious being Some abominable Creation of Satan!!! Mind those eyes
текст добавлен: 13/01/2011, размер: 1713 bytes
Shadows without faces Memories without emotions Lust, desire, rain, terror, A lake of fallen feelings In your evil mind!!!! Sometimes I feel the grief From any creatures upon The altar of sacrifice!!! Sometimes I fell...
текст добавлен: 13/01/2011, размер: 303 bytes
Silent black plague Chaotic leprocious death Beginning of the anal war Shub Niggurath ascends to Earth Dawn of sordid decay A future of viter submission All planets a frozen desert In legions of demonic wrath The...
текст добавлен: 13/01/2011, размер: 471 bytes
[Previously unreleased] The golden cities once ?Desperately loved to rose From fathomless grey mass - Blue lakes and abyssic mountains Fear, for something that will gonna be Fear, for something that will never (gonna...
текст добавлен: 13/01/2011, размер: 1157 bytes
Once You Want To Learn, From The Seas of Ideas. Once You Wanted To See,, Through The Walls of Values. Once You Wanted To Run, Inside The Labyrinth of Ideals. Once You Wanted To Be Saved, Under The Flesh of The Dark...
текст добавлен: 13/01/2011, размер: 1435 bytes
Oh! My crushing soul Through my ebony tears Falling on the fading Flowers of my youth Voices from the dark ruins Of cirith ungol Kutulu beckons me From my darkest dreams I'm looking at the last Sunset which descends...
текст добавлен: 21/01/2002, размер: 515 bytes
Though the endless storm ?Reborn the cosmic evil Dwell in inhuman rituals ?The poison of wrath and hate Conduct your subconscious ?To the sphere of galaxial mist Devoted disciple of Charon as you enter the loner domain...
текст добавлен: 13/01/2011, размер: 573 bytes
And then, came an angel Who had a bright key And he opened the coffins And set them all free Then, down a green plain Leaping, laughing they run And wash in a river, (and shine) And Shine in the...
текст добавлен: 21/01/2002, размер: 219 bytes
Shattering the serpent egg Black shape reincarnates Baptized in underworlds places Domination of mystical worship A weird shrine with malevolent colors Manfully conquers the time Disequilibrium of universal balance La...
текст добавлен: 13/01/2011, размер: 808 bytes
Hear his howling cries Cover all silence of the night Footprints in the weeping ground It's the beginning of winter The season of the wolf The century of promise Amon reveals the messiah son This winter will last...
текст добавлен: 21/01/2002, размер: 764 bytes
Deadly pain hovering in the night Shadows are scared around you Embossed thought and remorses To the wall of memories. Like a spirit, like a shine Beyond the eternal glaxies (At the unknown dimensions) Where the...
текст добавлен: 21/01/2002, размер: 942 bytes
Ygnai Fthig Nga Sothoth ' Ym'Bd'Nig Ch'Eye Do Xna Ngrktl 'Ftythech Gia Nghaa ' Jug Mglo Mnyg Nafth Swirling around the forbidden dimensions Entering strange eons of disgust Entombed in the stone ruins of great R'Lye...
текст добавлен: 13/01/2011, размер: 829 bytes
Such different pictures The loneliness kills Waiting for bells to ring The strikes to be heard So much coldness circling me The murmur of the trees I'm waiting to see you My eternal destiny! The nightly kingdoms The...
текст добавлен: 21/01/2002, размер: 705 bytes
Upon A Cross A Nun Will Be Hanged She Will be Raped By An Evil Man Knock Spikes Through Her Hands Things Will Come She Won't Understand. You're A Nun You Haven't Had No Fun Living Your Life As A Virgin Queen I'm Gonna...
текст добавлен: 13/01/2011, размер: 963 bytes
[From the Genesis of Apocryphal Desire demo] The dependence of an unholy civilization The society of ultimate death ?The coming from the past The one who will sigh the future Forgotten nameless graves ?Inside the...
текст добавлен: 13/01/2011, размер: 942 bytes
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