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I would lie anywhere with you Any old bed of nails would do Ink up the wound for a crude tattoo Big old red heart with an anchor stuck through Like a sister, Ophelia Tell me you're there! Like a lifeline, Ophelia Tell...
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C'mon we're young, we're young Yet we'll be dead as soon C'mon we came, we came From our mother's womb to swoon Brave Bulging Buoyant Clairvoyants Adopting this young spirit of sin To make the most, before we turn to...
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New squeeze, take off your chemise And I'll do as I please I know, I'm not any kind of heart-throb But at the same time, I'm not any sort of sloth You're my plaything, you're my plaything, you're my plaything Yeah I'm...
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Come to from slumber on bed's soft tundra Murky with mourn beside dead uniform And I wish and I hope and I wish and I hope with long drag on me smoke and I wish and I hope that I'll stalk the corridors once more...
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This truly is the devil's crayon Tracing your shoulder blades Aglow like rayon This truly is the devil's crayon That all his children can use to draw And we are so many tiny pieces And we are so many tiny pieces This...
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Casual sex with a hard up thug shifting good time drugs and... A human is hauled from the wombs wired jaw. We are liberal and We are civil and Life is futile Darling I regret there's life in the...
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Bare yourself luver, or don't move me one way or the other. Like a limp hand raised from a hospital bed, Don't be silly and squander what yer obliged to accept? When I'm utter putty I'm wetblanketfully lay lumpen I...
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We're decadent beyond our means, we've a zeal We feel the things they'll never feel They're solemn in their wealth, we're high in our poverty We see the things they never see Wanderlust With us, the world feels...
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